How to clear history on Nokia 4.2

How to clear history on Nokia 4.2

How to delete history on Nokia 4.2

Deleting the full call history on Nokia 4.2

Go to the Home screen and look for the “phone” icon on your Nokia 4.2. At the moment you can see this icon, tap to see the specific settings of the call. Drag to the “Call History” tab, using your fingers on the screen of your Nokia 4.2. Once you enter the Call History screen, tap the lines’ icons.

You can then find the option ‘Delete call history’ on the screen of your Nokia 4.2. Then tap this option and tap the “Select All” option.

Finally, press the ‘Delete’ button to delete all calls from the history of your Nokia 4.2. To complete, you can delete the call history in a very simple way, following these steps:

  • 1 go to the main home screen of your Nokia 4.2
  • 2 after that press the calls’ icons
  • 3 then tap on the “Logs” tab of your Nokia 4.2
  • 4 after that, press the menu button from the device
  • 5 now select the “Delete” option
  • 6 check the “Select All” option
  • 7 and press “Delete”

It will take time to delete and erase the entire history of your Nokia 4.2. Our editorial team hopes this has helped you.

Clear search history on Nokia 4.2

Getting rid of all these unwanted files, including history and cache of call logs, can sometimes become painful since your Nokia 4.2 can stored them in different places.

However, in reality, getting rid of these unwanted files and the history of your Nokia 4.2 is not too difficult. All you need to do is recover some of this history by deleting apps from Android Market and installing it on your phone to get rid of these issues causing history files, call logs, and more.

The easiest way to do it is to install an application like “History Eraser”. This is the best phone cleaner available in Google Play or other Stores.

The app can clear the history of your device, running on Android, IOS or other OS. It can clean your phone, delete search history, delete web history, delete your call log, clear all cache files, delete sms, clean your clipboard and clear the Play Store search history on your Nokia 4.2.

Some good apps for removing history are available from the Play Store search bar of your Nokia 4.2: “History Cleaner”, “Play Store History” or “Clear Browser History” on your Nokia 4.2.In addition, you can clean the call history and searches, with the following steps on your Nokia 4.2:

How to clear history on Nokia 4.2
  • 1. open the home screen of your Nokia 4.2
  • 2. go to the setting option
  • 3. open the privacy option
  • 4. Reset to factory data. Your Nokia 4.2 should be clean and all history should be cleaned.

But please keep in mind this operation will erase everything on your phone, including personal data such as pictures, songs and the like!

Clear the Play Store search history on your Nokia 4.2

Is it possible to delete the Play Store search history on my Nokia 4.2? The anwswer is yes.It is possible to delete the history of your Play Store.

This step is common on almost all Android, IOS and other OS smartphones.

To do this, you must first press go to the home screen of your Nokia 4.2. There you can find the option called Play Store.

From the Play store, you must choose the Menu option.

Here you must use the configuration options.

Then, one of the available options is: Clear the search history of your Nokia 4.2. Using this option will normally solve the problem.

How to clear history on Nokia 4.2

To conclude, to clear the search history of Play Stores on Nokia 4.2, follow these simple steps:

  • – Go to the home screen of your Nokia 4.2,
  • – Tap Apps,
  • – Tap the Play Store option,
  • – Click on the menu key,
  • – Select Parameters,
  • – Tap to clear the search history from your Nokia 4.2,
  • You have finished clearing the history on your Nokia 4.2.

How to clean your Nokia 4.2 device

My phone is getting very slow and some have recommended to clean my Android device.

What to clean to improve performance?

Cleaning files on a device is easy. You can do this using different applications available on “Android Market” or other markets as stated above in this article.

It’s the easiest way to optimize your system. Some of the best free apps to optimize your mobile are listed below. They could be available for your Nokia 4.2.The tools are available for free and perform various actions ranging from uninstalling your applications to deleting temporary files accumulated in the system buffer from your Nokia 4.2:

  • SD MAID – System Cleaning Tool
  • Android system cleaner, if Android is on your phone
  • Android wizard
  • 1-Click Cleaner
  • 1Tap Cleaner
  • Memory Booster or RAM Optimizer
  • Go Task Manager

In addition, if you want to clean manually, do the following on your Nokia 4.2:Go to settings, choose applications ->Manage applications ->here you can choose any application and clear the associated cache data, you can uninstall the desired application or cached data using this option.To speed up: go to settings, choose apps ->Choose running services.

This lists all running applications and closes applications that are not required and frees RAM on your Nokia 4.2.

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