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We are a small team of dedicated people who help you every day with your questions about technology. With backgrounds in engineering and computer science, we strive to provide you with the best and simplest advice at all times.

So you can concentrate on using your equipment with ease.

Our aim is to create a community of passionate people about tech. If you’re interested to join and help others, feel free to contact us.

We know technology can have a strong impact on climate, that’s why we’ve decided to give back 80% of our profits to mountain protection.

Being based in Switzerland, we can closely see the impact of global warming on mountains and their bio-environment.

Willing to help you with tech, and protecting mountains, we’ve named our site howtodo.rocks !

We look forward helping you.

Paul, founder of HowToDo.Rocks


Helping you with your questions in tech, and giving you some of the best results to your general queries.


Everyone should be able to use its device with ease.

Coming from tech backgrounds, we want to share our knowledge, while giving back to climate.