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Call History : Any Numbers – Apps on Google Play

Call History Manager allows you to export calls to excel file. This app can backup your logs and restore them on same phone or other. There is a useful statistics page to give you more insight about calls you are making/receiving. Auto backup is another useful option to keep call history safe.

Call Blocker & Call Logs Backup – Apps on Google Play

This app can backup and restore your phone’s Call logs / Call history. This app can also block unwanted calls in your black list. Main features: – Block unwanted incoming calls – Backup all your call logs to storage card – Restore call logs from storage card – View backup files – Share backup files – Save call logs as PDF file – Delete backup files

How to delete history on Motorola Moto G [2022]

Clear call history on Motorola Moto G. You may be fed up with an overcrowded call history, in this case this section is for you. First, go to “Calls” on your Motorola Moto G. If you have landed on the keypad of your Motorola Moto G, click on “Journal” at the top of your mobile and you will see the list of sent, received or missed calls. …

How to delete history on Oppo [2022] – Phone-Info

Clear call history on Oppo. You may be fed up with an overcrowded call history, in this case this section is for you. First, go to “Calls” on your Oppo. If you have landed on the keypad of your Oppo, click on “Journal” at the top of your mobile and you will see the list of sent, received or missed calls.

Orange Phone – Apps on Google Play

The spam filter lets you easily identify malicious and telemarketing calls before picking up. You can also automatically block hidden numbers and unwanted calls (robocalls and scam) to put an end to unwanted calls once and for all. In 2020, the Orange Phone application has identified more than 50,000,000 spam calls. Take action against spam calls

SMS Backup & Restore – Apps on Google Play

SMS Backup & Restore is an app that backs up (creates a copy of) SMS & MMS messages and call logs currently available on the phone. It can also restore messages and call logs from already existing backups. Note: This app requires existing backups to be able to restore call logs and messages. It cannot recover anything without existing backups.

Super Backup & Restore – Apps on Google Play

– Restore Contacts & SMS & Call logs & Bookmarks & Calendars from SD card – Can select SMS conversations to backup – Schedule automatic backups – Can change backup folder to external SD card – Call Recorder: Support backup your voice call recording. It can perfectly record the phone call voices to mp3 files.

Spyware Detector – Spy Scanner – Apps on … – Google Play

Listening to calls Accessing call email and search history Sending and receiving SMS Track your location See and hear you in real time Access photos, videos Banking and medical info Make sure to also download on your phone an antivirus in order to fully protect your mobile phone security and privacy.

SkyPhone – Voice & Video Calls – Apps on Google Play

SkyPhone is a simple and free calling app. Just listen and you’ll soon notice the high quality sound. You can start using the app without having to register your personal information. Enter your profile and share your SkyPhone number with friends and family. SkyPhone users can enjoy the clear, high-quality voice calls on SkyPhone for FREE.

Da Fit – Apps on Google Play

Add to Wishlist. Description. – Use Da Fit Band to set, track, and follow your health data day and night. – Monitor and track your sleep quality. – Start every day feeling rested with gentle alarm. – Gain insights from easy to view trends based your personal health data. – Set your band to vibrate when you have incoming calls on your phone.

SMS Backup+ – Apps on Google Play

Automatically backup your SMS, MMS and call history with a separate label in Gmail and Google Calendar. Later you can restore the saved data (except MMS) back to the phone, especially useful when switching to a new device. IMAP access needs to be manually enabled in Gmail, see the website and FAQ for more information.

How to delete history on Apple iPhone SE [2022]

Clear call history on Apple iPhone SE. You may be fed up with an overcrowded call history, in this case this section is for you. First, go to “Calls” on your Apple iPhone SE. If you have landed on the keypad of your Apple iPhone SE, click on “Journal” at the top of your mobile and you will see the list of sent, received or missed calls. …

Phone by Google – Apps on Google Play

Visual voicemail 1, 3. Check your messages without needing to call your voicemail – view and play them in any order, read transcriptions, and delete or save them right from the app. Call recording 1. Record your phone calls to capture important information for reference later.

Truecaller: Caller ID & Block – Apps on … – Google Play

Automatic Call Recorder (ACR): – Improved call recorder with support for both automatic and manual recording of calls. – Record important phone calls and save them to your phone. – Play back, share or delete call recordings from within the app. – Before recording a call, make sure to follow laws in your country. Powerful Caller ID & Dialer:

imo-International Calls & Chat – Apps on Google Play

Imo is a free, simple, and faster international video call & instant messaging app. Send text or voice messages or video calls all over the world with your friends and family easily and quickly, even the signal under a bad network. ️International Calling Anywhere in the World: Make international calls to your friends & family for free! No extra charge to send international messages.

TracFone My Account – Apps on Google Play

This app also measures the network quality during calls in your service area based on your location. This allows Tracfone to continually work towards improving your call reception and network quality. Additional Features: • Purchase Airtime • Add Airtime with a PIN Card • View Service End Date • Enroll in Auto-Refill

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The #1 New York Times bestseller.Over 4 million copies sold! Tiny Changes, Remarkable Results No matter your goals, Atomic Habits offers a proven framework for improving–every day. James Clear, one of the world’s leading experts on habit formation, reveals practical strategies that will teach you exactly how to form good habits, break bad ones, and master the tiny behaviors that lead to …

Transfer Companion – Apps on Google Play

View your photos full size on your PC, select and delete photos on your Phone quickly and easily. It’s much faster managing your photos on your Phone with Droid Transfer. – Export contacts to Windows Contacts, Microsoft Outlook or as a standard VCF contacts file, which can be used in any contacts address book application you may use on your PC.

Timestamp Camera – Apps on Google Play

Timestamp Camera is the only App that can record video with the time watermark accurate to millisecond (0.001 second). Support display custom text and emoji on camera. For example, you can input “Good day at the zoo”. Support “Battery saver mode”, the brightness of screen will be 0%~100% of normal when turn it on.

Google Voice – Apps on Google Play

Calls, text messages, and voicemails are stored and backed up to make it easy for you to search your history. Manage messages across devices. Send and receive individual and group SMS messages from all your devices. Your voicemail, transcribed. Google Voice provides advanced voicemail transcriptions that you can read in the app and/or have sent …

WhatsApp Messenger – Apps on Google Play

Your calls work across mobile devices using your phone’s Internet service, even on slow connections. **Group chats to keep you in contact** Stay in touch with your friends and family. End-to-end encrypted group chats let you share messages, photos, videos and documents across mobile and desktop.