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history delete clear history – Apps on Google Play

How to delete Internet history – Delete Browser History Produced for web search history delete. List your web search history. Revisit sites you’ve previously visited in your Internet history. You can delete your web search history individually or collectively.

Clear Data – Apps on Google Play

Clear Data will help you reach the device App Info screen for any application as fast as possible, with 1 tap from anywhere. Using the App Info you can: * Clear data easily – delete any app persistent data and save a lot of space on your device, use it to clear browsing history, or databases stored by apps on your devices. * Clear cache easily …

History Eraser – Privacy Clean – Apps on Google Play

History Eraser can clean history of apps by only one tap. It can help you to protect your privacy, and it can also help you to free up the internal storage. No root permission required! Due to Google Play policy changes, we can not provide SMS and Call log clean functions anymore. Features —–• Clear Search History • Clear Map Search History

Auto Clean Up – Apps on Google Play

AutoCleanUp will also delete your browsing history, if desired. – Automated cleaning at selectable intervals – Clear application and system cache – Terminate background apps – Whitelisting. Read more. Collapse. Reviews Review policy and info. 4.2. 12,012 total. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1.

Smart Cleaner Pro – Apps on Google Play

Speed up your phone and delete junk files safely. Clean up memory that apps cache, download folders, browsing history, clipboard contents and more. More storage space. Improve the performance of your Android smartphone or tablet. Uninstall unwanted apps quickly and easily Free up valuable storage space on your device

Super Browser – Fast & Safe – Apps on Google Play

Clear all the browsing tabs, cache, cookie, history data in just one click to keep the browsing session secure. Best Browser app for Android: This browser have many on-built features which are not available in other browser applications which makes it special. Install the app and try it for yourself.

Easy Cleaner – Clear Cache – Apps on Google Play

Main functions of “Easy Cleaner – Clear Cache” are cache cleaner, junk cleaner, storage cleaner, large file cleaner , photo cleaner , media file manager and app uninstaller. 🧰 Core Features: 🗑️ Cache Cleaner. Clear all app cache with one click. ♻️ Junk Cleaner. Smart junk cleaner engine help you deep clean junk files including …

Browser without incognito mode – Apps on Google Play

Store browsing history Display browsing history No possibility to delete browsing history Bookmarks Click on history link to open webpage Settings for homepage and default search engine. Read more. Collapse. Reviews Review policy and info. 2.9. 80 total. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1.

Slide for Reddit – Apps on Google Play

• View and delete your browsing history • Get notified of new posts in subreddits • “Casual” subscriptions that won’t show up on your frontpage • Ad-Block in websites (Pro) • Optimized for tablet viewing with configurable columns and popup comment views (Pro) • Many more details and features that you will fall in love with

Super Fast Browser – Apps on Google Play

These are some of the SuperFast’s awesome features: * Super lean and intuitive UI. * Surf faster with Ad Blocker. * Dark mode support. * Built-in Download Accelerator. * Extra Security. * Multi-tabs browsing. * Sessions management. * Auto-Fullscreen feature.

Cốc Cốc Browser – Apps on Google Play

– Auto-Clear History: Close all tabs, clear browsing history and exit Cốc Cốc app. ★ BROWSE MORE CONVENIENTLY Cốc Cốc has various built-in features for all your needs, from work, study, to entertainment. – News: Keep up with the latest news, recommended for you by AI technology.

DisDeleter – Apps on Google Play

The app delete only the messages that you send (it dosen’t delete the other people messages) DisDeleter is mobile application to delete discord messages in bulk even the messages older than 2 WEEKS without the need to be tech savvy.

UC Browser Turbo- Fast Download, Secure, Ad Block – Apps …

Open and Delete options are added now! Secure Browsing Incognito mode helps you to browse in private. Your browsing history will not be recorded in this mode. Ad Block Ad Block function blocks different forms of ads that effect your browsing experience. Also you can mark them manually to block ads with same style in future.

Web Explorer: Private Browser – Apps on Google Play

Some great features are. – It is a light internet browser ( with less than 5mb you don’t need to bother about clogging your storage) – built in adblock ( block ads that slows down web browsing ) – built for speed. – saves data. – Incognito Mode. Private browse the web without saving any browser history. – Exit Button — clear all your tabs and …

Turbo Cleaner – Cache Cleaner – Apps on Google Play

-Turbo cache cleaner will analyze apps in your Android phone, clean up your download folders, browser history, clipboard content, unused APKs, residual files, and more.-Easily clear cache from social media apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram. Phone Booster – Boost processing speed, stop unnecessary apps that are running in the …

Super aTool Box-cache battery – Apps on Google Play

App 2 SD allows you to move apps to SD (APPS TO SD Card). Help you to save your memory (internal phone storage). Free your internal memory (phone memory). List apps that have cache files. Show the total cache size. 1 click to clear all cached files (clear cache files). Clear cache for a specified application.

MyPrivacy: Privacy Guard & VPN – Apps on Google Play

🕵️ Private Browser – every time you forget to delete your browser history, you leave a trace of sensitive private information behind. Instead of remembering to clear your history again, why don’t you use a Private Browser? Our private browser also blocks (ad blocker) various trackers, so your browsing is ads-free and super fast!

1Tap Cleaner (clear cache) – Apps on Google Play

SD Cleaner helps to delete junk files from the SD card. ★ 1-tap to clear all cached files. ★ list all default apps and clear selected defaults. ★ home screen widget shows cache and available size. ★ auto clear all cache and history at a specified interval. ★ auto clear cache when the device is low on internal storage space.

History Magazine – Apps on Google Play

History Magazine opens a window on the past, providing compelling stories about how our world became the place it is today. You’ll discover thrilling stories of exploration, invention, innovation and conflict, and learn about the development of government, medicine, technology, trade, the arts and the art of war.

Unlimited browser – Apps on Google Play

★ Turn on incognito browser mode, or easily delete your history. ★ Safe and reliable: This Unlimited browser fully protects your privacy by preventing trackers, trackers from collecting your browsing data. With this amazing feature, you can browse quickly and safely.

Speed Cleaner Pro – Apps on Google Play

Function for acceleration, increase battery time and delete junk files safely. Memory cleaning functions that apps cache, download folders, browsing history and much more. Increase storage space and security Function to free up storage space on the device Delete junk files, such as obsolete or unused files

Architectural elements – Apps on Google Play

Architectural elements. The free application “Architectural elements” is very friendly, it has a beautiful and simple interface. The best choice for a pocket dictionary that is always at hand. From which you can learn a lot of new and interesting things, for example, that: Fence. A fence is a structure that encloses an area, typically outdoors …