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How to read edit pdf xls doc on Nokia 7.2

How to read edit pdf xls doc on Nokia 7.2 1

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How to read and edit PDF, doc, Excel files on Nokia 7.2

We understand that you want to know if it is possible to read and edit a PDF, doc or Excel file on your Nokia 7.2 phone. We will help you with the appropriate information on your Nokia 7.2. Depending on the Nokia 7.2 model, your phone can support Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF, and plain text file formats.

You can open the files by following the instructions below, but it does not support editing files on your Nokia 7.2.

How to read edit pdf xls doc on Nokia 7.2 2

In the main menu, press “Menu”, then “Media” and “Other files”. Then select the file you want to select using the navigation key. Press the “Center (OK)” button to open the file on Nokia 7.2.

To go further, the Google Docs Suite and eventually Polaris are viable options.

Microsoft Office for Android is just terrible. We recommend using Google Docs / Slides / Sheets and Adobe Reader for PDF (Google offers its own PDF viewer, but we find Adobe Reader much better developed, so you can use it in tandem with the Google Docs Suite). We repeat, you could easily use MS Office for Android. But, on this phone, we find it easier to use Google Docs, LibreOffice or SmartOffice.

We recommend using LibreOffice if you like open source software.

How to read edit pdf xls doc on Nokia 7.2 3

Read and edit PDF files on Nokia 7.2

You can open password-protected PDF files with Adobe Reader for Android. You may have a problem with the default browser and the built-in PDF viewer. To fix this, you can download the PDF and open it with Adobe Reader. If you can do this, you are done.

Note that it is not possible to convert the read-only PDF to editable in the Adobe Acrobat Reader mobile application on Nokia 7.2. You must save the file locally on your Nokia 7.2, and then try adding comments.

If you do not want to save the copies to your local phone, you can upload it to the document cloud or the same old folder after adding comments.

Then you can remove it from the local storage of your Nokia 7.2 anyway.

Special point on the docx to doc converter on Nokia 7.2

DOCX is the file extension of files created with Office 2007 and 2010, but they can not be opened with MS Office 1997-2003 (Doc format). So you need to convert your DOCX file to DOC. And there are plenty of applications available to do it. Some of these applications that you can use on your Nokia 7.2 are:

  • Docx2doc: The online conversion of the document is complete.

    Please download and click on the “Convert file” button in doc format to get the file in one of two formats: web browser format or text document.

  • Zamzar: use the file you want to convert and select the format you want to convert. However, you will need an email ID to get the output.
  • Investintech: it is an online service to convert DOCX to DOC simply by downloading it. You will receive a link to download the converted DOC document. The advantage is that you do not need to provide your Email ID.

Note: To open the file on your Nokia 7.2, you will need an external program like Quickoffice, Kingsoft Office.

Loading a Word in doc format on the Note app of your Nokia 7.2

Yes, you can load or send a doc file to the notepad by copying and pasting. First, select the text and then copy it into notepad on a blank notebook, then press it for 6 seconds.

Your Nokia 7.2 will show you the option to paste the text, click on it, the text will be pasted to the notebook.

Play files via an application on Nokia 7.2

In our opinion, there are many applications available on the market to open related MS Office files.

You can visit the Play Store to find them. Applications that are among the best for your Nokia 7.2 are:

  • King soft
  • Think LibreOffice
  • Quickoffice Suite
  • Quickoffice Pro

This will help you open related MS Office files such as .doc, .xls, .ppt in Android phones, if such an operating system is installed on your Nokia 7.2.

OfficeSuite Viewer to read Excel, Word, PowerPoint and PDF files on Nokia 7.2

If Android is installed on your Nokia 7.2, OfficeSuite Viewer 6 is the latest version on the Android Market. It is a default application in all Android mobile phones, as can be installed on your Nokia 7.2. You can read with this software files like .doc, .xls, .ppt or other Office documents.

OfficeSuite: new features for your Nokia 7.2

  • Page view for Word and other text documents
  • Headers and footers in Word documents
  • Numbering pages in text documents on Nokia 7.2
  • Filters in Excel so you can quickly and efficiently manage your data
  • SugarSync compatibility so you can now access your remote files in SugarSync
  • WordArt support in text documents for your Nokia 7.2
  • Optimized for Android

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We hope, through this article, to have helped you read and edit PDF, doc, Excel files on Nokia 7.2.

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