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How to enable developer options on Android

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Android has an amazing settings menu called “Developer options”.

It has a great deal of cutting-edge and notable highlights.

In the event you’ve visited this menu before, there are odds that you’ve just found it REALLY useful.

With this mode, you can empower the USB probe, use Android Debug Bridge (ADB) and many more.

But let’s start with this great video from our fellows Y6 studios: 

Short recap on enabling developer mode

  1. Go to “Settings”,
  2. In “Settings”, go on “About”,
  3. Then tap on “Build number” (tap on it several times if needed).
  4. Once enabled, you will see a message stating: “Now you are a developer!”.
  5. Then go back to the settings.

    You will see the developer options.

    Start using it now.

You have just activated the developer mode on your phone.

Here is a few examples of apps you can use with this mode.

To go further, we recommend reading some great tutorials from Kingo.

If the above steps don’t work

You may not have a build number like indicated above.

In that case, click on “MIUI” several times.

If it still does’t work, just keep tapping on EVERY option under “About”.

You will get a message like “you are 5 steps away from being a developer”.

Which phones are compatible with the developer mode?

Pretty much any phone equipped with Android should have a developer option.

Models compatible with the dev. option:

What to do with developer mode on your phone?

There are PLENTY of reasons to activate the developer mode.

Here are the top 5.

Everyday uses with the dev. tool

Let’s start with this short video showing you some the best everyday uses.

The developer tool can allow you to activate plenty of other options on your phone.

In particular, as explained in this video, you will be able to enable:

  1. Higher (up to 90Hz) refresh rate.
  2. Enable automatic system updates.
  3. Always keep the mobile data active.
  4. Factory default setting when the device is connected to a computer.
  5. Turning off sensors.
  6. Supported USB debugging.
  7. Screen keys on the screen.

Turning On USB Debugging

We’ve just mentioned it, USB debugging can now be activated.

We though it would be worth presenting you this great video if you need more help on this:

Speeding up your device

The developer mode is a great way to speed up your device.

Though, you could on top of this install other apps to speed up your phone.

These apps and the developer mode can work REALLY well together.

To conclude

We hope we have helped you setting the developer mode on your phone.

You are now in full control of your device!

For more information, experts are here for you via our forum.