Printing from Zopo Flash

Printing from Zopo Flash

We help you here print with your Zopo Flash. Your Zopo Flash may not support the native print feature.

To remedy this, you can do this with the help of various third-party applications that we will detail here.

Finally, we will show you the features of compact printers, which could be interesting for your Zopo Flash.

Using Cloud Print since your Zopo Flash

To use Google’s Cloud Print, you must first install Cloud Print software on your phone.
You can get it on the Google’s official website.
Then sign in with your Google Account on your computer’s browser and visit cloudprint page.
This guide will help you further. You must configure according to their instructions.

If you have a printer ready for the cloud, then you will not need a PC. You can save it to the Google Cloud Print service and use it directly with your Zopo Flash.

But if you have a normal printer, you need to connect to a PC that you can configure accordingly.

Printing from Zopo Flash

Using PrinterShare on Zopo Flash

It is now possible to print files directly from your Zopo Flash. You can use the application called PrinterShare.

There are also many other equivalent applications like HP Print, PrintHand, UrlToPDF, The technology runs on a very simple architecture.

The phone and the printer are connected via a server. So, the application must be installed on the computer as well as the Android phone.

The user can print the document on the phone via the cellular network or via the Wi-Fi network.

With PrinterShare, you can print directly from an Zopo Flash, if the installed operating system supports it, to a nearby Wi-Fi or remote printer shared on a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi Select the contacts, web pages or images you want to print and press the button.

Printing from Zopo Flash

This runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux. The application allows you to share your printer on the Internet without any other security concerns, for example, if you try to set up a shared printer on the Internet.

Step for installation on your Zopo Flash:

  • Step 1. Download PrinterShare for the operating system of your Zopo Flash, using your computer (Mac or PC). Connect your Android phone to the computer and run the PrinterShare Installer. On the computer side of the program, select the printer to make available to the Android phone.
  • Step 2. Launch the PrinterShare application on your Zopo Flash. Make sure your computer is turned on, Wi-Fi is turned on, and the printer is turned on.
  • Step 3. In the PrinterShare application, select the icon corresponding to the type of file you want to print. You can print photos, web pages, calendar entries, contacts, messages, your call log, Google Docs files, or PDF files.
  • Step 4. Depending on what you select, PrinterShare will give you access to the specific item to print. If the document has more than one page, you can choose which pages to print. When you have made your selection, click on the big Print button.

To print with Printershare, simply download, install and launch the application.

Select the file you want to print on your Zopo Flash and press Print to print the file.

Via Bluetooth

You need to connect your printer with your Zopo Flash with the help of Bluetooth for this you need to know the version of your printer connect your device and then simply sync with the printer and then print the desired data from your Zopo Flash. You can also do this by bluetoothing the desired data that should be printed on your PC, and you can print.

Via Wi-Fi since your Zopo Flash

First, make sure your printer is on the list of supported printers from your Zopo Flash. If your printer is not listed, try choosing a driver from a similar printer model or a different generic driver manually.

If your printer can not be detected by the app, make sure your printer is enabled and Wi-Fi enabled on your Zopo Flash (wireless settings and networks, Wi-Fi
should be checked).

If the printer still can not be detected, try resetting the power cycle.

We recommend turning it off and waiting about a minute before turning it back on.

Finally, restart your Zopo Flash. This could take several tries.

If that does not help, you can try to reinstall or install the PrinterShare application.

Use a compact photo printer with your Zopo Flash

A compact photo printer is a standalone inkjet printer designed to produce 4 × 6 or 2 × 3 inch prints from digital cameras.

It works without the use of a computer. They are also known as portable photo printer or instant printer.

Compact photo printers came on the market shortly after the popularity of home photo printing began in the early 2000s.

They were designed as an alternative to developing photos or printing on paper from a standard inkjet photo printer. The majority of compact photo printers can only print 4 x 6 images (typically a photo ID). Convenient to graft your Zopo Flash! Given this limitation, they are not intended to replace standard ink jets.

Many manufacturers advertise the cost per page of photos printed on their machines; this theoretically convinces people that they can print their own images just as cheaply as retail stores or through online printing services.

Most compact photo printers share a similar design.

These are small units, usually with large LCDs, to allow people to browse and edit their photos, as it can be done on a computer or from your Zopo Flash. Editing options are usually quite advanced, allowing the user to crop photos, remove red eyes, adjust color settings, and other functions.

Compact photo printers usually have many connection options, including USB and most memory card formats.

Compact photo printers are currently manufactured by most major printer manufacturers such as Epson, Canon, HP, Lexmark and Kodak. Be careful, not all compact printers are compatible with your Zopo Flash. Although they have gained popularity in recent years, they still represent a relatively small share of the inkjet printer market.

The other compact photo printer is LG’s Pocket Photo that can print 600 dpi on 2 × 3 paper and support Android, iOS and Windows 8, which is normally compatible with your Zopo Flash. The pocket photo uses Zink thermal paper that has chemistry embedded on each photo paper without ink and the image appears with heat.

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