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How to print from my Wiko Lubi 5

How to print from my Wiko Lubi 5 1

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How to print from Wiko Lubi 5

We’ll see through this article how to print from Wiko Lubi 5. First, we’ll see how to manually select your printer. Then we will see how best to use the application “PrinterShare”. Then we’ll see how Wifi can help you print, and finally we’ll end up with the best solution for us: “Google Cloud Print”. Please note that we assume that your Wiko Lubi 5 do have a printing capability. You should check with the seller of your Wiko Lubi 5 if this is the case!

Print directly from a document on your Wiko Lubi 5

To print a document from your Wiko Lubi 5, it’s relatively simple.

How to print from my Wiko Lubi 5 2

First, go to the document you want to print. Then, click on the “Menu” button, from the 3 points in the upper right corner of the screen: you can then click on the “Print” option.

From there, click the down arrow, to the right of the Save as PDF button: select your preferred printer. In case you can not find the printer in question, you will need to click on “All printers”. If all goes well, you’ll be able to print via the light blue circle that looks like a printer since your Wiko Lubi 5.

How to use the “PrinterShare” app from your Wiko Lubi 5

Here’s how to manually select a printer with your Wiko Lubi 5 via the “PrinterShare” application.

The manipulation by step is:

  • Download and install the “PrinterShare” app from the Play Store
  • Restart your Wiko Lubi 5
  • Run the “PrinterShare” application
  • Click “Near the Wi-Fi printer”
  • Select the detected printer
  • Click on “Select manually”
  • Select your favorite printer

Well done, the operation is over!

Use Wifi to print with your Wiko Lubi 5

A compact photo printer is a standalone inkjet printer. It is designed to produce 4 × 6 or 2 × 3 '' prints from digital cameras.

How to print from my Wiko Lubi 5 3

It works without the use of a computer. It can also be used as a portable photo printer or instant printer for your Wiko Lubi 5.

For information, compact photo printers came on the market shortly after the discovery of the popularity of home photo printing in the late 1990s.

They were designed as an alternative to developing photos or printing on a standard inkjet photo printer. The majority of compact photo printers can only print 4 × 6 '' images.

Given this limitation, they are not intended to replace standard inkjet. Many manufacturers advertise the cost per page of photos printed on their machines; this theoretically convinces people that they can print their own images inexpensively like retail stores or through online printing services.

We advise you to always check this cost before buying one for your Wiko Lubi 5.

Most compact photo printers share a similar design, usually very convenient to use with your Wiko Lubi 5. These are small units, often with large LCDs, to allow users to browse and edit their photos, as they do on a computer. Editing options are usually a bit advanced, allowing the user to crop photos, remove red eye, adjust color settings, and other functions.

Compact photo printers usually have a lot of connection options, including USB, which can be very convenient with your Wiko Lubi 5.

Compact photo printers are currently manufactured by most major printer manufacturers such as Epson, Canon, HP, Lexmark and Kodak. Although they have increased in popularity in recent years, they still represent a relatively small share of the inkjet printer market.

Printing from your SD card

These printers can be a great way to print pictures from your SD card.

It is easy to know how to move photos from Wiko Lubi 5 to a SD card.

Other types of mobile printers

They should be very handy to go with your Wiko Lubi 5 if available.

A typical compact printer can print 600 dpi on 2 × 3 paper and support Android, iOS, and Windows 8 as maybe installed on your Wiko Lubi 5. Some, like the Pocket Photo, use Zink thermal paper that contains chemicals embedded on each photo paper without ink and the image will appear with heat.

Use a compact printer on Wiko Lubi 5

A compact photo printer is a standalone inkjet printer designed to produce 4 × 6 or 2 × 3 '' prints from digital cameras or your Wiko Lubi 5. It works without the use of a computer. It is also known as a portable photo printer or an instant printer.

Use Google Cloud Print with your Wiko Lubi 5

Google Cloud Print is a Google service that allows users to print from any Cloud-Print-enabled application (web, desktop, mobile like your Wiko Lubi 5). This requires that your printer is connected to the Google Cloud. Google does not create print subsystems for all hardware combinations: you do not have to install device drivers.

On the other hand it is necessary that your documents are entirely transmitted to Google, which can pose problems of protection of the data, according to the use which you make of your Wiko Lubi 5. Also, this service allows printing from any Windows application, if Google Cloud Printer is installed on the machine of course.

Google Cloud Print 2.0, not supported by some printers that only support version 1.0, adds a local mode similar to Apple AirPrint. Unlike the earlier version of Cloud Print, version 2.0 does not require the printer or print client to be connected to the Internet. Local mode uses a discovery protocol called Privet, which uses Multicast DNS and DNS-SD technologies.

HTTPS technology is also used to send print jobs to the printer. If your Wiko Lubi 5 supports this mode, it will only list printers that are accessible on the same subnet to which the smartphone is connected. Your Wiko Lubi 5 will not list these printers once disconnected from your local network.

Integrate this cloud printer with other Google products since your Wiko Lubi 5

Google Cloud Print integrates with mobile versions of Gmail and Google Docs, allowing users to print from their mobile devices.

Google Cloud Print is listed as a printer option on the Print Preview page of Google’s web browser, Google Chrome, which should be available on the main screen of your Wiko Lubi 5. Cloud Print’s built-in printers without built-in support, often referred to as “legacy” or “classic”, are supported through a built-in Cloud Print Connector in Chrome versions 9 and above.

Important privacy issues with Google Cloud Print on Wiko Lubi 5

Documents printed via Google Cloud Print from your Wiko Lubi 5 are sent to Google servers for delivery to the printer. Google explains on its site that Google also keeps a copy of every document you send for printing, but only as long as the print job is active and not finished. We must do this to make sure your document is printed. Once the job is done, the document is deleted from our servers.

The documents you send for printing are your personal information and are strictly confidential. Google does not keep the documents you print for purposes other than improving printing. You can get full help on Google Cloud Print. Make sure that you are able to send your documents to Google’s print servers from your Wiko Lubi 5!

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