How to install an application on Honor 6C

How to install an application on Honor 6C

How to install an application on Honor 6C

I need to install an application on my Honor 6C. I tried many applications via Android Market and nothing suited my phone.

What are the best apps available for my phone and how can I install them?

How to install an application on Honor 6C

What to do if it does not work on your Honor 6C

Make sure your app is compatible with your Honor 6C. If so, you should try to install it again.

To do this, go to the main menu of your Honor 6C. Then, this will open Google Play Store.

Once you are seeing a new icon, tap to open.

When it’s open, you’ll see a new window. Above will see the Search box. In this case, write the name of your request and put the search. After a while, a new window will open that will see so many call recorder applications.

How to install an application on Honor 6C

To increase your success, make sure your phone has Android version 2.3 at least, which is Gingerbird. So, this application should be installed. You can also get other apps on Honor 6C.

Move applications from internal memory to an external memory card on your Honor 6C

Yes, it is possible to move the applications from the internal memory (phone memory) to the SD card (external memory) on your Honor 6C. You can not transfer all things to the SD card. Like preloaded wallpaper, google maps, google search, Antivirus, etc. But most things you can.

To transfer the applications, follow these steps:
First, go to the setting in what you will see Applications.

Click on that you will see some options, but choose Manage application.
A new page will open in which all installed applications will appear. Click on any application you wish to transfer. After clicking below, you will see switch to SD card.
Touch this, you will ask for an option like OK & Cancel. Press OK, your applications will be transferred automatically to the SD card.

The problem with the automatic call recording application that can not record calls may be that call recording is not supported in your phone.

There are some phones that do not support call recording, and this could be the reason why apps are not supported in the phone.

There are applications in “Android Market” such as the automatic call recorder, Record my call, call recorder, this application can record calls from your phone.

To record calls, you need to set a profile in the app that can record calls from your phone and you can hear them whenever you want.

To conclude about installing an application on Honor 6C

You have just followed a few steps after your problem is solved: first, go to the main menu of your Honor 6C. Then, go to the apps on the Play Store of your Honor 6C. Then go to the search bar. Then find the last application you want. Tap the download. After this installation in your device, reboot your device.

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