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How to change language on Sony Xperia Go

How to change language on Sony Xperia Go

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How to change the language on Sony Xperia Go

What could be more annoying that someone enters the settings of your Sony Xperia Go and “accidentally” changes the settings so that they are in a language unknown to you. Similarly, you can mistakenly do a factory restart with wrong language settings.

For example, everything suddenly becomes Chinese, Arabic, Spanish or English. So we’ll see here how to change the language on Sony Xperia Go.

How to change language on Sony Xperia Go

If you’re using your Sony Xperia Go smartphone, in most cases things will be fine if you follow this tutorial. Do not hesitate to contact an expert in case of difficulties, however! We'll see, the easiest way is to download a dedicated app to change the language settings, as available here.

Change language via settings on Sony Xperia Go

So, without further ado, here’s a step-by-step guide to how you can change your phone from one language to another. For starters, on every Sony Xperia Go, the menu for changing language is “Language and Keyboard”. This “Language and keyboard” menu is always in the “Settings” main menu. Note that the “Settings” icon in the main menu always looks like a gear on the main screen of your Sony Xperia Go.

  • Step 1: Visually locate and click on the “Settings for your Sony Xperia Go” icon.

    Normally, this is on the main page, or on the “All Apps” page, as shown below.

  • Step 2: Select the “Languages ​​& Keyboard” menu item under “Settings”, which is the shape of the A key, just like on a computer keyboard.
  • Step 3: Tap the first menu item under “Languages ​​& Keyboard”, which is usually “Select Language” on your Sony Xperia Go. Once you are there, you will see your own language and you can configure it by default.

And that’s it. In fact, as long as you can locate the “Settings” and “Languages ​​& Keyboard” icons, you can always set your language.
Do not hesitate to seek the help of a friend or an expert of your Sony Xperia Go if you can not do this change of language manipulation.

To recap on the change of language on Sony Xperia Go:
You can change the display language to Sony Xperia Go. The following information can help you define them yourself:

How to change language on Sony Xperia Go
  • The “locale” must be open, as described in the previous paragraphs.
  • Then press the language already defined in the “Language” field
  • From here you can select the new language you want
  • Tap on the specific region in the list on your Sony Xperia Go
  • Finally, you have to press “Apply changes and restart”

Installing a new language dictionary on Sony Xperia Go

First, you have to visit the main menu options on your Android Nexus tab. You will find an option with the label “Android keyboard”. You must select this option, then the “Settings” icon next to this option.

Now press the “Dictionary modules” option on your Sony Xperia Go. There you can see all other available language dictionaries that are supported by your device.

You can select the desired language dictionary from among them. Finally, tap the “Install” option.

Adding custom words in the dictionary on Sony Xperia Go

You must first launch the ‘Settings’ application by tapping the corresponding icon on the home screen.

Once you enter the settings, locate the ‘Language and keyboard’ option and click on it. You can then press the “Personal Dictionary” from the list displayed on Sony Xperia Go. Touch the ‘Edit Personal Dictionary’ option and then make changes to the dictionary. In the next step, press the plus symbol to display a text field on the screen.

Enter the custom word you want to add to the dictionary and press the ‘OK’ option.

This word will then be added to the dictionary on your Sony Xperia Go that can be used when entering messages or information later.

Conclusion on adding custom words to the dictionary on Sony Xperia Go

To recap on adding custom words in the dictionary, go to Settings >>Language & Keyboard >>Personal Dictionary >>Edit Personal Dictionary >>Press ‘+’ >>Enter Required Word >>OK. This will add the word of your choice in the dictionary of your Sony Xperia Go. It will be available to you by typing messages, if dictionary prediction is enabled.

Install a translation application on Sony Xperia Go

You can also install an application to translate your pages from one language to another, as available here.

The name of the application is a language translator. You can install this app from Google Play. You can also install Translator or Universal Translator with prefix your preferred language on Sony Xperia Go. All these applications are normally free.

You can use them without limits on the translation.

Attention, the quality of the translation can vary strongly from one application to another or from one text translated to another.

We hope this article has helped you change the language on Sony Xperia Go.

For more information, experts are here for you via our forum.