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Blocking anonymous calls on Wiko Getaway

Blocking anonymous calls on Wiko Getaway

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How to block anonymous or hidden calls on Wiko Getaway

Well, you can actually easily block all anonymous or unwanted calls on your Wiko Getaway. All you need to do is download an app from the Google Play Store to do so. There are many applications available.

One of the best among them is “Mr.Number” which actually blocks all text messages and unwanted calls.

Blocking anonymous calls on Wiko Getaway

There are also applications like “Call Blocker”. The latter also blocks anonymous calls.

We will go deeper in this subject below and hope this will help you to block anonymous or hidden calls on your Wiko Getaway. In addition, there are two applications available to block unwanted calls: “Call Control” and “Spam and Robocall Blocker”. You can block unwanted calls, it is possible to reject or reply via SMS to block calls.

In addition, it is possible to put a spam mail and install backups.

The specific case of the Call Blocker application on your Wiko Getaway

The features of this app on your Wiko Getaway:
– It’s a free application for your Wiko Getaway,
– You can block unwanted calls.

Blocking anonymous calls on Wiko Getaway

It is possible to reject them or answer them via a sms “auto sms”,
– The ability to block messages on your Wiko Getaway is also available,
– A “privacy eraser” feature is also present, from which you can delete the call history and SMS related to a particular contact and only one channel,
– The ease of saving your contacts on your Wiko Getaway is also present.

The Google voice solution to block anonymous or hidden calls on Wiko Getaway

You can try Google Voice.

By using this, you can block callers from here by adding the numbers to the “Do not Answer” contact list that require a call presentation to eliminate the problem roughly on your Wiko Getaway. This only helps to eliminate calls from contacts in the contact list only, not unknown calls.

For this you need to contact the customer service of your network provider for your Wiko Getaway. In doing so, they will help you access your account on their site.

By providing the details of the problem on your Wiko Getaway, they will help you to eradicate it completely. Many Android devices or other OS for your Wiko Getaway, launched today have the setting in them to block these calls.

Simply pass your settings and find out if there is such a thing on your device.

Block anonymous or natively hidden calls from your Wiko Getaway

Here’s how to block all calls on your Wiko Getaway:
>>>>Open the settings from the menu of your phone,
>>>>Go to the call parameters label on your Wiko Getaway,
>>>>Within this on-call rejection option,
>>>>Here you can make a list of numbers that must be rejected, save them from your Wiko Getaway.

To conclude on blocking anonymous or hidden calls on Wiko Getaway

Even though there are many applications on the app market for your Wiko Getaway, it’s very easy to block calls in Android. Open the “Settings” and go to the configuration option from your Wiko Getaway. In the settings page, go to the Call section.

You’ll find the call rejection option out there and just click on it. On the call rejection page, simply tap the Auto Reject option.

By default, it will be set to “OFF”. In the auto reject mode window, choose the “Only Black List” option by activating the corresponding radio button on your Wiko Getaway. Then return to the reject call screen and choose the ‘Blacklist’ option.

In the blacklist page, click on the “Add” option.

You can also put the control on the unknown option; This will block all unknown numbers.

If the number is on the call log or contact, you can choose it by pressing the contact icon on your Wiko Getaway. You can also manually type the number and touch “Save”. From now on, you will not be notified of these unwanted calls, and they will be blocked on your Wiko Getaway.

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